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The judge heading an inquiry into the suicide of government weapons adviser David Kelly said on Friday he will ask Prime Minister Tony Blair to testify.

Lord Hutton, an appeals judge, said he would ask Blair to give evidence in connection with a decision to name Kelly as the possible source for a disputed news report on the government’s handling of intelligence on Iraqi weapons.

Blair’s office said the prime minister “will cooperate fully with the inquiry.”

Hutton made clear that he planned a wide-ranging inquiry not just into Kelly’s death, but into the government dossier on Iraqi weapons, which was at the core of the dispute which brought Kelly into the spotlight.

Speaking at a preliminary hearing, Hutton said he would also seek to question Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, and Blair’s communications director Alastair Campbell.

“At some stage in the course of the inquiry, I propose to ask the prime minister and the Secretary of State for Defence Mr Geoff Hoon to give evidence of their knowledge of the discussions that took place and the decisions which were taken in relation to Dr Kelly,” he said.

Kelly, a respected former United Nations *(UN) weapons inspector and adviser in the Defence Ministry, was the source for a British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) report citing claims that Blair’s aides doctored an intelligence dossier on Iraqi arms to exaggerate the threat posed by Saddam’s weapons and win backing for the war.

The microbiologist’s body was found on July 18 with his left wrist slashed. Two days later, the BBC confirmed that Kelly was the unidentified source for its report, which had sparked a huge row
with the government.

Hutton said he would explore how BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan compiled his report based on the Kelly interview, and how the Defence Ministry came to name Kelly as the possible source for the

The identification placed him under intense media scrutiny and led him to give testimony before a parliamentary committee. Hutton said journalists would be able to follow the proceedings of the inquiry, which will get underway after Kelly’s funeral, scheduled for Wednesday.

He added that the proceedings would be made available on a website.

“I should emphasize that this is an inquiry to be conducted by me,” Hutton said.

“It is not a trial conducted between interested parties who have conflicting cases to advance. I do not sit to decide between conflicting cases, I sit to investigate the circumstances surrounding Dr. Kelly’s death.”

Before the start of Friday’s preliminary hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, Hutton asked for a minute’s silence to honor Kelly. – Sapa-AP

The Department of Homeland Security is warning of an imminent attack — on your personal computer or your server at work. There is a patch available, but if enough users don’t install it, the result could be the fastest-spreading destruction in Internet history.

The problem lies with a security hole in the most popular versions of Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) ubiquitous Windows operating system. Joshua Brown, chief security goon for The Motley Fool, says this one is particularly dangerous because it would give a hacker, in essence, “full control over a compromised system.”

Adding to the problem is the breadth of systems affected: Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Services Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Aside from the fact that Windows XP has been “shipping on essentially every home computer sold in the last 12-18 months,” Brown says, the vulnerability also affects every server running Microsoft operating systems — “which is the sizeable majority of all server systems in production.”

Aside from other destruction, all of this means hackers could release a virus or worm that has the potential to spread faster than the recent “CodeRed” worm.

Homeland Security officials expect a wide-scale attack any day now because of “an Internet-wide increase in scanning for vulnerable computers over the past several days.” If you’re a computer owner or administrator running the software in question, you can update your Windows operating system by visiting this link. Doing so will eliminate this particular vulnerability.

For the first time, President Bush has accepted personal responsibility for a now-discredited portion of his January state of the union address, dealing with claims that Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear material from Africa.

At a news conference Wednesday at the White House, the president also defended his National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, who has been criticized for her role in the controversy. He said the United States is lucky to have such an “honest, fabulous” person working in its government.

CIA Director George Tenet took responsibility for the nuclear materials claim, as did deputy national security adviser Stephen Hadley. In recent weeks, the administration has distanced itself from the claims, saying they were based partly on forged documents.

Must be nice to be able to take responsibility without consequences. In the world I live in, consequences always accompany my actions, whether I take responsibility for them or not. In Bush’s world, he can take responsibility because he has the power to insure there are no consequences.

Mr. Bush again rejected criticism of his administration’s use of intelligence to justify the war in Iraq, saying he would never assume that dangerous enemies will exercise restraint and show goodwill.

How can he both say that his use of faulty intelligence is his responsibility and also state that his administration did not err in its use? He seems to be saying that the intelligence didn’t matter, our decision to invade would have been correct regardless of what the intelligence said. This is madness! Only hallucinating schizophrenics insist that reality has no bearing on their experience or decisions and justify it all the same.

The president said in the months ahead he will focus on the economy and security for the American people.

I would have thought that the economy and security for the American people would have been his focus all along. Guess I was wrong.

The President rejected assertions that his tax cuts are partly to blame for the country’s increasing deficits.

This is absurd. Could anyone of us who is spending more than we are taking in say that a cut in our income would not result in increased indebtedness? This man doesn’t even have basic arithmetic skills. We are all in peril while he represents us.

It was Mr. Bush’s first extensive news conference since March 6 – 13 days before the beginning of the Iraq war. The president is leaving Saturday for a month-long stay at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

I hope he gets a lot of sleep. Because “the more he sleeps, the safer we are.” (Thanks Arlo Guthrie).

Nobel laureate, George A. Akerlof:
“‘I think this is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history. It has engaged in extradordinarily irresponsible policies not only in foreign policy and economics but also in social and environmental policy,’ said the 2001 Nobel Prize laureate who teaches economics at the University of California in Berkeley.”

“‘This is not normal government policy. Now is the time for (American) people to engage in civil disobedience. I think it’s time to protest – as much as possible,’ the 61-year-old scholar added.”

Political Jokes

The Great Wizard of Oz

The last four ex-U.S. Presidents are caught in a tornado, and off they whirled to OZ. They finally make it to the Emerald City and came before the Great Wizard.


Jimmy Carter stepped forward timidly:” I’ve come for some courage.”

“NO PROBLEM!” says the Wizard. “WHO IS NEXT?”

Ronald Reagan steps forward, “Well………, I…….I think I need a brain.”


Up stepped George Bush sadly, “I’m told by the American people that I need a heart.”

“I’VE HEARD IT’S TRUE!” says the Wizard. “CONSIDER IT DONE.”

There is a great silence in the hall. Bill Clinton is just standing there, looking around, but doesn’t say a word. Irritated, the Wizard finally asks, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

“Is Dorothy here?”

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George W. Bush were set to face a firing squad in a small Central American country. Bill Clinton was the first one placed against the wall and just before the order was given he yelled out, “Earthquake!” The firing squad fell into a panic and Bill jumped over the wall and escaped in the confusion.

Al Gore was the second one placed against the wall. The squad was reassembled and Al pondered what he had just witnessed. Again before the order was given Al yelled out, “Tornado!” Again the squad fell apart and Al slipped over the wall.

The last person, George W. Bush, was placed against the wall. He was thinking, “I see the pattern here, just scream out something about a disaster and hop over the wall.” He confidently refused the blindfold as the firing squad was reassembled. As the rifles were raised in his direction he grinned from ear to ear and yelled, “Fire!”

To judge from the exciting build-up, Saddam Hussein will be killed very soon. Once his location is identified, the spectacle of his death can soon be orchestrated.

To have the greatest impact, perhaps it will be televised in all time zones on a weekday, avoiding the competition of weekend sports. There must be burnt offerings and a triumphal revelation of the corpse. For an insecure America, this killing will be a “ritual of blood,” a “compact of fellowship” – terms used by West Indian sociologist Orlando Patterson in the context of ritual lynchings in the Old South.

“American military confidence has increased notably since the deaths of Mr. Hussein’s sons in a shootout in the northern city of Mosul,” reports the New York Times. So has the confidence of the neo-conservatives, none of whom has served in combat, as well as that of the chattering classes.

Most important, the coming televised ritual death of Saddam Hussein is meant to console the families of the 116 GIs who have been killed in Iraq since Apr. 9, the day of the ritual destruction of Saddam’s statue in Baghdad. They will be encouraged to feel that their sons have not died in vain.

The Iraqi people, on the other hand, are seen by the Pentagon as the frightened villagers in “The Wizard of Oz.” Once they sing “Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead,” they will shake off their fears and sign up for their duties in the new order: to work happily for Bechtel and Halliburton and start policing their malcontents.

Thomas Friedman, the ever-breezy prophet of this new order, is becoming testy toward these reluctant Iraqis. He expects them “to prove that they really can work together and are willing to sacrifice for the chance to rule themselves. (Why are we offering them $55 million in rewards for finding Saddam and his sons? They should be paying us!)”

Paul Wolfowitz, just returned from Iraq, laments that most of all “what we need are Iraqis fighting with us,” against other Iraqis. These expressions of imperial impatience echo Winston Churchill who, as British colonial secretary, described Iraq as an “ungrateful volcano.”

It has been a bad summer for the Pentagon and the White House, but Saddam’s death could be their summer hit. Nothing the growing number of critics can say compares to the potential public gratification and fortification of righteousness that the White House hopes to generate by the coming assassination. That the administration lied, that the occupation costs $4 billion per month, that we have antagonized our allies, that thousands of Iraqis are collateral damage – all these venial sins will be forgiven, they assume, when Saddam is dead and gone. To seal the victory, at some later date, weapons of mass destruction will be discovered, both Bush and Blair assure us. That prospect should finish off the lingering critics and set the stage for a triumphal November 2004.

But what if the master plan is left unfulfilled? It seems unlikely, but Saddam may elude the Delta posse or already be dead. Or what if the pursuit climaxes in Saddam’s ritual death, but the chaos in Iraq continues unabated? What if Saddam, living or dead, is not the deux ex machina behind the daily shootings and woundings of American soldiers? What if the occupiers are facing a vengeful Iraqi nationalism, not the remnants of the old regime?

There is an opening for the peace movement here. If and when Saddam is killed the question becomes, “Why should American troops continue to die if the dictator is dead?” If the ritual symbolizes victory, why shouldn’t the American troops come home and leave the rest to the Iraqis? Why shouldn’t Paul Bremer III declare victory, set a date for a national Iraqi election and a parallel American troop withdrawal? Or are American troops dying for purposes other than overthrowing the dictatorship?

That’s a question the White House will have to answer if the resistance continues under the banner of “No to Saddam, No to America.”

Tom Hayden is a progressive activist, politician and author. His most recent book is “Irish on the Inside.”

Online dating anddating sites have become very popular over the years. Dating sites are a great way to meet and converse with people over the internet. You can browse photos and personal profiles, allowing you to focus on the ones that catch your eye. There are many dating sites available to choose from. Here are the top 5 that are currently available to residents of the United States.

Our Time

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The Our Time dating website is available to all adults. However, they do cater more to the 50+ clientele. The site is user friendly and offers customer support to address any questions you may have. 


Match is another great online dating website with a rating of 9.5 out of 10. This website has been active since 1995. Match is available for heterosexual and gay singles to join. Married people are not permitted to register for Match.com. Match also offers free access with restricted features. They provide the following plans:

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The Value Plan includes access to the following Match features:

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Match has 3 unique search options:

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Match offers a detailed profile view and a gallery view to meet your individual needs. There is also a great feature called My Match, which offers you 5 recommendations daily of individuals who have various qualities that you have in common. 


The eharmony website is rated 9.6 out of 10. Since 2000 eharmony’s mission is to bring two people together for a meaningful, successful relationship. eharmony has 29 different dimensions of compatibility. This site was founded by Dr. Neil Warren, a clinical psychologist who created a scientific compatibility process. The eharmony dating website offers two membership plans, the Standard membership plan, and the Premium membership plan. 

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Before communicating with other singles on eharmony, you must complete the four stages of the Guided Communication section. This section requires you to provide and request information. 


Passion.com is an online dating site. However, this site focuses on sex. In addition to the regular online dating features, Passion also offers adult movies and private chat rooms. If you enjoy explicit sex, this is the site for you. This site is free to join; however, to enjoy explicit photos, private profile summaries, and private cams, you will need to purchase a paid membership.

This site offers a Gold Membership, which includes unlimited access to everything, a Private Chatroom membership, which includes only the cam section and an Adult Movie membership, which includes pornographic movies and a Points membership System, which is used to send gifts and tips to models. Gold Membership is available in 1, 3, and 12 month subscriptions. Private Chatroom subscriptions are available in 1, 3, and 6 month subscriptions. The points system can be purchased in 200, 500, and 1000 point denominations. 


Elitesingles is a specialized dating site that focuses on long-term relationships and has one of the cleanest interfaces of all dating sites. Users must take a 5 factor personality questionnaire before registering. EliteSingles offers a 3, 6, and 12-month membership. 


Whichever dating site you choose to use, always exercises caution when divulging personal information. There are several red flags to beware of when communicating with others on these sites. Many people have been asked for money, credit card numbers, etc. Never reveal your financial information to anyone. When you decide to meet someone in person, it is best to meet in a public location for safety reasons. 

Online gaming has become a prevalent form of entertainment in recent years. Americans are the largest group who participate in real money online gaming. There are several unique online gaming sites in the U.S. The following are 5 of the best gambling sites in the United States.

Betnow launched in 2016 and is relatively new to the online gaming scene. Betnow has received a 4.9 out of 5 rating. Betnow users have rated the site’s features as 4.5 out of 5, ease of use 5 out of 5, bonuses 5 out of 5, and payouts 5 out of 5.

Betnow is now one of the leading online gambling websites in the United States Betnow offers a full casino and a huge variety of sports betting. For first time users, Betnow provides a welcome bonus when you join and make your first deposit by entering a bonus code. Betnow has a large variety of casino games, including slots, video poker, table games, and live dealer games. There is such a large variety of gaming options there is something to please everyone.

The website’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through the site. Betnow’s banking features include bitcoins, Visa, wire transfers, and cash direct. Keep in mind you cannot withdraw by Visa, you can only deposit into your account from Visa.

Betnow’s customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs. The best way to obtain customer support is via Betnow’s Live chat function. Overall, Betnow appears to be a great user-friendly gambling site with a large variety of games.

MyBookie is mainly geared towards online sports betting but also offers a high quality casino as well. This all in one gambling site has earned its way into one of the top spots in the United States online gambling market.

MyBookie has been rated 4.8 out of 5 overall. MyBookie features have been rated 5 out of 5, ease of use 4.5 out of 5, bonuses 5 out of 5, and payouts 4.5 out of 5.

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Video Poker
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Live Dealers

MyBookie offers 6 deposit methods and provides excellent customer service.

Experience Las Vegas while visiting the Slots.LV website. Slots.LV has over 160 games you can play in the comfort of your own home. Slots.LV has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. Features are rated 5 out of 5, ease of use 4.5 out of 5, bonuses 4.5 out of 5, and payouts 5 out of 5. Slots.LV is owned and operated by one of the best gaming organizations, Lynton Limited. Slots.LV is one of the most trusted gaming sites and offers many generous bonuses. There are four main categories of games:

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Your own personal host
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Banking includes for U.S. residents person to person rapid transfer, credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. Withdrawal options include bank wire, couriered check, credit card, and quick transfer.

Overall this gaming site looks like a lot of fun, and they offer great bonuses throughout the play.

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The homepage has direct links to these gaming categories. The site is very attractive, and the interface is user friendly — experience 4 gaming categories all on one site. Deposits can be made by credit card, debit card, and cash transfers. Withdrawals can be made by courier checks or cash transfers.

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And many more. There is also a wide variety of casino games such as:

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Banking options include credit and debit cards, money orders, bank wires, cash transfers, and checks. Withdrawal methods include cash transfers, checks, and bank wires. Overall this is a great site that has many options for gaming entertainment and is very user-friendly.

As you can see, this is just a shortlist of the many gaming sites in the United States. Your online gaming options are virtually endless. Gone are the days of being bored with nothing to do. You can spend hours playing on any of these sites.
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There is no shortage of websites on the internet and almost everyone has the same desire which is to be listed among the top ten. The ones that have made it are listed below.
1 – Google

Google is the most used website by Americans in the United States. It has obtained almost 8 billion monthly views more than YouTube, the second most highly used website. Google is an American web search engine Company.

The company provides multinational technology specializing in internet-related products and services. Google is an advertising Icon. It is basically an online encyclopedia of products, services, and information on just about anything one could imagine.

Many companies strive to have their company on the first page of a Google search as more often than not people view listings on the first page of Google as the best companies and tend to select a website on the first page to go to.


2 – YouTube

YouTube ranks second in the most popular American websites. This video-sharing service website offers users the ability to upload videos, watch videos, like videos, and comment on videos. YouTube is owned by Google. Many stars have been discovered on YouTube such as:

Shawn Mendes
Cody Simpson
Justin Bieber
Tori Kelly
Carly Rae Jepsen
Alessia Cara
5 Seconds of Summer
Charlie Puth

And others.

Many kids post homemade videos on YouTube to see how many likes they can get. This actually attributes to a lot of self-confidence. When a kid or tween receives a large amount of likes, it makes them feel they are important and worth while.

Many people use YouTube as a teaching and learning tool. If you want to know how to do something, just search it on YouTube, and you can follow the how-to video. This can save users a lot of money by learning how to do something yourself as opposed to paying someone to do it for you.


3 – FaceBook

This exceptional social media site has been responsible for re-connecting family and friends all over the world. Facebook also owns Instagram which is also a very popular visited site in the United States. This website allows users to upload photos and videos both personal and commercial. Many companies have a FaceBook page to capture business from FaceBook users. Facebook also provides advertising to many companies with direct links their business websites. Users on this website can share information, photos, videos, and mimes for public view or a more controlled viewing audience such as just friends.

Facebook has many security measures in place to protect private information. However, it is important to remember if you don’t want your personal information revealed to someone, don’t put it on FaceBook. Facebook also allows users to privately chat with family and friends. It is a great way to communicate with others. Facebook also has reminder services such as family and friends birthdays, social events you have accepted to attend and so on. Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch and advertising. Facebook also has a calling feature, so you can call and receive calls from family and friends on FaceBook.


4 – Amazon

Amazon is a very popular website for American users to do their shopping online, view their favorite movie by streaming on Prime, or utilizing their personal assistant Alexa. Amazon ranks #1 in the United States for Online Shopping websites.

Many Americans use the Amazon website on a daily basis. Many people today use Amazon to do their Christmas shopping, which provides them with many advantages. By shopping online with Amazon, there is no need to deal with crowded malls and stores, and you can shop any time of the day or night, you don’t have to worry about transportation or extreme weather conditions. Another added bonus of shopping online with Amazon is the fact that everything gets delivered right to your door. Amazon Prime members with a paid subscription have added advantages and privileges as well such as:

Exclusive Black Friday Deals
Early Access to Cyber Monday Deals
Most often Same Day Delivery
Free Delivery for Eligible Purchases
Movie, TV Show and Music Streaming
Unlimited Reading

And more.


5 – Yahoo

Yahoo is ranked as the 5th most popular website in the United States. This web service provider allows users to obtain information about sports, news, finance, and mail. Yahoo also owns Tumbir which is a microblogging Website. Yahoo provides a directory and search engine of Websites all over the world and provides access to millions of webpages and hundreds of thousands of websites. Yahoo is user friendly so both new and seasoned internet users can easily access the information they are looking for. Information provided by utilizing the Yahoo portal website ranges from finance news to entertainment.

6 – Wikipedia

This online encyclopedia ranks 6th in the most popular websites used by Americans. Wikipedia includes comprehensive information on almost every topic you can think of. Everyday Wikipedia adds approximately 800 new articles. If you want to know something about anything Wikipedia is the website to visit. They also have some pretty funny articles to view. With the English language version containing over 5,359,547 articles it is pretty easy to find what you are looking for. Wikipedia is a great learning tool for people of all ages.

7 – Reddit

This American social news platform website ranks 7th in the most popular websites viewed by Americans. Users on this social sharing website can discuss news and views on the sites content as well as vote on what others have submitted. Registered members can post images, text posts, and links which other members either vote up or down on. The content most voted up appears at the top of thread, and content that is downvoted becomes less visible.


8 – EBay

eBay is ranked 8th in the top 10 of American popular websites. eBay is a virtual auction and shopping website. eBay users can post images, descriptions, and prices of items they are selling. People sell both new and used items. Many commercial companies advertise on eBay to capture the attention of many eBay users. Shopping on eBay can save you a lot of money, as buying something from personal users on eBay does not involve sales tax. Many people who are environmentally friendly choose to shop on eBay eliminating the need for many items that people don’t use to be disposed of in landfills.

9 – Twitter

Twitter is another Social Media website that is commonly frequented by many Americans. Twitter is a go to site which provides information ranging from entertainment and news to politics and sports. Twitter provides real time information on sporting events.Twitter users can follow the lives of celebrities, stay in touch with family and friends and receive news. Both marketing companies and Public Relations firms use Twitter as a promotional tool.


10 – Netflix

Americans of all ages love Netflix. Netflix allows users to watch unlimited movies, Television shows, Music Videos, and much more. Netflix users can watch everything Netflix has to offer on just about any electronic device they own.

Most who use the internet will be familiar with these top ten and most likely have made use of several of them.